Welcome fellow fringy, tin foil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists! You’ve just found your people.

Yankee Doodle Soup is a collection of essays by a diverse group of writers with one thing in common: something positive to say about the pandemic. (Really! Those were the rules and the collaborators obliged enthusiastically and expertly.)

Contributors range from well-known doctors and scientists to speakers, podcasters, authors, attorneys, and editors. There’s an Emmy Award-winning former news anchor, a bridal gown designer, a whistleblower, a rock band, and one “pissed-off, childless, married woman of a certain age who didn’t do anything meaningful in her life until [Covid].” The essays are warm, witty, wise, wondrous, and exactly what the world is hungry for right now.


This one-of-a-kind collection features:

Laraine Abbey-Katzev

Margaret Anna Alice

Alyosius Barton

Cammy Benton, MD

Erin Cole

Sarah Cook

The Defiant

Sheila Dempsey, PhD

Tamara Dorris, MA

Angela Doss

Will Falconer, DVM

Harry Fisher 

Brit Galvin

Jenny Glick

Just Think Podcast

Laura Kasner

Karen J. Kolberg

Pierre Kory, MD

Karen Lorre

Scott Marsland, FNP-C

Jenna McCarthy

Maureen McCarthy

Brenda Miller

Melodee Meyer

Alina Niemi

Zoey O’Toole

Bill Rice

John Richardson, Jr.

Tara Ricketts, MS

Jessica Rose, PhD

Barbara Rush

Frances Scott

Zahra Sethna

Isabel Shaw

Noelle H. Sproul

Kevin Stillwagon

Helena Summer

Candace Lynn Talmadge

Ben Tapper, DC

Leslie Taylor

Dave Thimmel 

Alexa Tuttle

Brad Young

Yankee Doodle Soup Cover


Jenna McCarthy has never met a WET PAINT sign she didn’t feel the need to test or a group project she didn’t try to commandeer. Her knee-jerk comeback to anyone who tries to tell her what to do (with the possible exception of her actual boss back when she had one) has always been, “You’re not the boss of me.” If she’s hot, cold, frustrated, fuming, hungry, or uncomfortable, you’ll know. Equal parts passionate and IDGAF, she’s been outspoken about the madness around masks, mandates, vaccines, variants, PCR tests, “long Covid,” lockdowns and more since the beginning of the pandemic. Because of this, she’s been blocked, banned, whispered about, unfriended, and told to do something anatomically impossible to herself. SDGAF. Jenna wakes up every day determined to put a fresh, funny spin on the insanity around us. Yankee Doodle Soup is her first anthology.